Let the USLC know to vote “YES” on gender-inclusive housing

Dear Princetonians,

Please, read the student testimonials that we’ve posted in support of gender-inclusive¬†housing, and add your own if you feel so compelled!

Show the University Student Life Committee that we want and need this housing at the very next room draw.

The great news is that this timeline is eminently possible. The administration has already crafted a proposal that is the product of many years of behind-the-scenes student advocacy and input. All that remains is for USLC to approve it. Show the USLC that you care about this and that they must vote YES on gender affirmative housing.

In addition to the testimonials, please feel free to open and read THE FULL TEXT OF THE POLICY PROPOSAL for gender inclusive housing that the working group has submitted to the USLC. (Note that it says “draft” on it because it will say that until it goes through.)